The concept of owner Kelly Young Silva, Words in Motion is a project based studio. Kelly is an active member of the acting community.  She has helped build programs for over 20 years. Kelly began teaching Acting Classes in 2008 as a way to give back to the Community.

Our focus is personal development for the working actor.

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What Do We Offer?

Words in Motion Acting Studio offers creative learning. We give you the freedom to discover your abilities.  Skills you gain through our studio will not only help you build a career,  it will enhance your life.  Our teachers are carefully selected and trained to provide you with skills to advance. Ninety percent of our actors are signed with top talent agents in the Atlanta area.

Our Mission

To educate and help those whom have the dedication to craft a career as a working actor.

Why do we train?  We train to be the best in our field.  The Film Industry is competitive and requires great sacrifice.  Training pushes you into the mindset of the actor.  Training sets you a part from the hobby actor.   The actor’s life is a journey that will require a focused pupil.  It is up to you to prove yourself in the Industry.  The film Industry brought in 9.5 billion dollars for Georgia in 2017.  Actors in Atlanta are fighting and building.  Word in Motion is fighting and building.  We keep climbing.

  • 2017: Words in Motion developed a facebook, youtube show, “The Kelly Talk Show”.  This show is designed to help new Actor’s understand what it takes to make become a career actor.
  • 2017:  Words in Motion Acting studio developed, “The Kids Show”.   This show is designed to show our students work with multi studio camera’s.
  • 2016: Word’s in Motion Acting students developed a featured film called, “ENDicott falls”.  This project is now in post production.  Students that participated with this project are now signed with great Atlanta talent agents. They are booking roles in the Atlanta Industry.
  • 2013 – 2016:  Words in Motion helped create Kidz Connect Atlanta.  A program to help kids to be seen by casting director’s and Talent Agents.  Word’s in Motion had three years of success with this program.

Please look at our Facebook page to see our Activity over the years.  “Words in Motion Acting and Performing Classes”.

The future is bright for this studio and it’s member’s.

Put your Words into Motion!

We teach 7 year olds to adults.